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Creating A Management Plan

This eLearning course was created with Storyline360 for learners who are new to apartment management. The course includes scenarios, checkpoints, and a quiz. Seat time is 15 minutes.

Tools Used: Storyline...

Taking Action

This Rise Sample is for learners who are deciding how they can take action in their communities. It includes Canva and Storyline elements.

Tools Used: Rise, Canva, Stroyline

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Image by Alex Mecl

Design document for Non-Profit Course

This is a design document for a Storyline course about having the background information necessary to make an informed decision about starting a non-profit organization. The final product will also include Vyond videos.

Storyboard for Management Plan

This is the Storyboard document for the Management Plan eLearning course above.

Image by Luke van Zyl
Image by ray sangga kusuma

Micro-learning Course on Starting Non-Profit

This is a sample of one of the Vyond videos that goes into the course on Starting a Non-Profit that was referenced above. This video serves as a introduction into a one of the questions that learners need to ask themselves before starting a non-profit business.

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